Who is Shane Ho?

Hi! I am Shane, a member of Sandakan Toastmasters Club, a club that was chartered 22 years ago. Like you, I too have an interesting story to share.

Shane’s 8 Awesome years with Toastmasters:

  • I was introduced by my good friend, Joe Pan to the family of Toastmasters in June 2008.
  • I officially signed up as a member in July 2008. Right after I had submitted the membership form to Norman Chin, the president, I was approached by Datin Grace. She asked me, “Do you need a mentor?” and I said “Yes.”
  • Then I was challenged to take up the Vice President Public Relations because Amy Hiew, the President for term 2009/10 said it was easy. Innocently, I accepted.
  • Having experienced the VPPR position, I was hooked and so I decided to get myself nominated and luckily, elected as Vice President Membership for the term 2010/11.
  • The real challenge came during 2011/12 term when I was the Vice President Education. Ling How Kee, the president surprised us when he said he had accepted the hosting of Division K Semi-Annual Conference. Left with no choice, I volunteered to be his Organizing Chair and this is when I come to know two amazing leaders, Hanaa Wong, the Division K Governor & the late  Shawn Cassidy Narcis, the tour leader of Brunei.
  • Came term 2012/2013, I was elected as Club President.
  • In term 2013/14, Datin Grace offered me to be her District Secretary. Happily, I accepted.
  • In term 2015/16, Area K2 is looking for an Area Director, out of love, I volunteered.
  • I am now the Immediate Past Area Director supporting my successor, Annie Tsen to strengthen the Area.

Hanaa Wong asked: “What is your MAIN reason for wanting to be Division Director?”

I gave her two answers, the dramatic and the non-dramatic.

The Dramatic Answer is:

Because I need to deliver a promise.

The Non-Dramatic Answer is:

Ever since I walked with Datin Grace on the leadership track during her term as the Division Governor, I come to know more about how the Division operates and performs. Hence, my love for Toastmasters deepened. Seeing how the Division changes from one term to another has saddened me. A lot.

I did not immediately jump in to help because I did not have the experience & I was scared.

then WHY now?

Because I made a promise to Shawn. I promised him that I will take care of the Division when he is the District Director.  Although he is not with us anymore, this does not deter me from keeping the promise. Instead, I am even more driven by it.

I am running for a promise that I have made to Shawn. Both Shawn and I believe in the 4 core values of Toastmasters. So, it makes perfect sense to us that breaking the promise is breaking the first core value of Toastmasters – “Integrity“.

I remember the first time when I got in touch with Shawn, through a phone call to Brunei, I know that my life will be so much interesting and it is. Whenever he knows that I am in Kota Kinabalu for a Toastmasters event, he would drag me out for a drink no matter how tired I am. If I ever try to avoid, he would stand in front of my door and wait for me – that’s how determined he was. Shawn taught me passion. Shawn taught me to love even more. Shawn taught me, Toastmasters = Family.

and because I was once loved by a Passionate Toastmaster, I know how to love Toastmasters better.

Seeing our members walking away from the organization because they don’t see the values in Toastmasters anymore breaks my heart. Everyone in Toastmasters is a family member and NO family members should walk away from Toastmasters.

Shawn left us with a legacy, he envisioned that members of Division K will come together and stand as one. We will lift each other for the sake of our Division – as the saying goes “United We Stand, Divided We Fall”.

I am a strong believer of Our Members are Our Future. When we take care of our members’ needs, and the division will be taken care of.

So, yes! I am running for a promise, a promise to take care of Division K. If you share the values and vision for our members, please join me in an effort to make Division K, a stronger Division. In Toastmasters, it is not about you or me. It’s about us. It has always been a team effort.

So, let us build a stronger Division K together!

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