Who is Shane Ho?

I am:
  • a Life Insurance Representative
  • a Unit Trust Representative 
  • a Certified Financial Planning (CFP) Student
  • a Member of SJ Group (Life Insurance Agency)
  • a Member of Toastmasters International (Sandakan)
  • a Member of Junior Chamber International (Sandakan)
  • a Member of Sung Siew Alumni Association
  • a Christian
  • a Husband
  • a Father of 2 Children

Why is Shane Ho doing this?

I believe in sharing information (Financial Planning Concept & Life’s Experiences) that would benefit not only my friends but for the community as a whole. If the community progresses, they would not have to go through a situation such as these:
  • the Pain of experiencing the shame of Begging Money for a Major Medical Bill,
  • the feeling of regret for unable to send our Children to Further their Study
  • Family Relationship Breakdown due to Poorly Managed Funds Allocation,
  • Uncontrollable Emotional Roller Coaster Ride and
  • a Haywired life.
It is my hope that the information, my thoughts and my opinion shared via this channel would shed light to all my friends & followers of this site on the topic of financial planning & Life’s Experience would be useful for your Life’s Betterment.

Living a Better Life, Leaving a Better Legacy

Which is why, my motto explains, when our lives are better managed, we could leave a better legacy for our loved ones.
Thank you for having me as part of your journey as fans or as a career builder.
Shane Ho is a Wealth Planner & a Unit Trust Agent representing Zurich Life Insurance Malaysia Bhd and Manulife Asset Management Services Bhd respectively.
Information shared on this page contains Shane Ho’s personal views, thoughts, and opinions on financial planning related matters.
This page is created with the sole purpose to Inform, to Promote Financial Planning Services & for Agency Recruitment. This page is NOT endorsed by any Companies represented by Shane Ho.
Any use of the information shared on this page is solely at the reader’s own discretion. We do not assume any responsibility or benefits arising from the use of information derived from this site or any site linked to shaneho.com.
Shane Ho’s Registered Authorization
  • Wealth Planner’s Registration No.: PP10/00457627
  • FIMM No.: 058-0-22612