I would like to dedicate this article to all the participants who have made this event a memorable one, for me and my team members.

A team of Passionate Members, days of research, hard work, time, sweat and plenty of faith are some of the ingredients required to kick-start this convention. Thank you everyone, for your contributions especially to my team members and performers.

Thank you also to Yeoh Cheng Lim a Toastmasters from District 51 for his generous photos and running around to ensure those stunning pictures are taken. For more pictures click here.

Before I start sharing my insight, allow me to share with you some of the convention’s (before it was known as conference) highlights:

Day 1, Afternoon.
These are the speakers during the workshop session:
1st Row: Richard A. Gontusan, DTM from Area K1 who shares with us the wisdom of being a “Master of Ceremony”
2nd Row: Wong Nyuk Lin, ACS from Area K5 who shares with us his experience on “How to Start Anew”
3rd Row: Stephen Fernando, ACB from District 51 who shares with is the skills on “Preparing & Presenting Humorous Speech!”

Day 1, Night
These are some of the scene taken during the Welcome Night. In sequence from left to right, top to bottom:
1. “Shining Girls” kick-start the welcome night nicely
2. I was being awarded an Outstanding Member Pin (more on this later…)
3. The 2 Great Ladies (My Mentor & the Guest of Honor)
4. The Brunei Team Members! – I’m Lovin’ it! Thank You, Brunei for the Strong Support!
5. The Mandarin Clubs’ members’ performance, interesting indeed, is an eye-opening for me.
6. The Sandakan Pidato Toastmasters members to enlighten us with the Cultural Show

Day 2, Morning.
These are the scene from the Division K’s Humorous & Evaluation Speech Contests. It was a fantastic contest! They’ve inspired me to continue with my journey in delivering better speeches! Congratulation to all winners! I wish them all the best.

Behind the scene.
While others are enjoying the convention, these are some of the scenes of members in action to ensure the division convention is being run smoothly. Thank you, without them, I still can’t figure out how to go about it.

The moment of bonding – new friendship are found, renewed, and strengthen. In a night, I make more friends compared to a year of study at my university days. Simply Amazing. Thank you for the friendship.

Alright, as promised here are my top 10 random thoughts & lesson about this convention (from a convention director’s perspective):

  1. This is obviously not a solo journey. It takes a lot of teamwork to make this convention happen.
  2. If not because of Shawn, I don’t think I would have made my 1st international call to Brunei. The experience was awesome! The telephone bill is nothing.
  3. Working with 3 clubs in 3 languages – it really tests my patient and communication skills.
  4. Laying out and defining the role of each committee is very important to ensure everyone understands the role they are playing and will work towards the same objectives.
  5. This is the time to enhance the members’ strength and definitely not a time to make a discovery of untapped skills.
  6. As the convention director, not only we will need a plan B, sometimes we will need a plan C, D, E or even plan A1, A2 if the situation required so.
  7. Working with members of diverse background and experience is good for leadership building because it helps to level up my existing skills.
  8. I need to work on my dancing skills too. At least when we are called upon, you still know how to shake some butt.
  9. Appreciation and continuous encouragement are important to keep the team moving.
  10. Have a check and balance session to ensure everyone is holding each other accountable to the roles they are playing.

This is the Outstanding Member’s pin that I was talking about in the earlier of this article. It was presented to me by Division K Governor Hanaa. It was an appreciation for hosting the convention during her term as Division Governor despite the challenges faced.

This is a great Testimonial Hanna. Thank you for the kind compliment. The experience will stay with me.

After the whole convention was over, I can finally relax my tie, take off my coat, & JUMP! It was indeed a fantastic feeling!

Thank you, everyone, for making 2011 a memorable year for me.  Till we meet again. Have a great trip home!

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