As I was planning the sequence of my articles, I asked myself: “What is the best way to present my knowledge and experience in a way that my friends could read them with pleasure and not pressure?”

I understand where you are coming from because…

  • If you ask a Banker, they will tell you to save the money & claim they are secured,
  • If you ask a Financial Advisor (Insurance agent, Unit Trust agent and the like), they will tell you they are personalized & they know how to make claim process easy,
  • If you ask a Certified Financial Planner or CFP, they will give you the financial planning cycle & claim they are impartial in their advice. If you are wondering what is a CFP? (Click the link for brief info).


Are you sure? No Catch?

Prior to joining the unit trust and insurance industry, I was an employee for a general insurance company and in 3 different financial institutions. So, I know why agents and bankers act the way they do.

Now that I am pursuing my CFP certification, so I understand how a CFP works too and I come to understand why they say the things they are saying.

To be frank, there is no one rule that said if you do this, this, this, and expect to have our financial plan secured forever. Things changes. So, regardless of whom you choose to attach with, there is definitely pros and cons to each of them. Only a handful of them I know will deliver in an unbiased manner regardless of where they are coming from.

Today, let us just focus on what we started off: “Financial Planning, is it for Me?”


What is your number?

I wanted to share with you a concept which I learn as an Insurance representative. This concept is created by a famous speaker in the insurance industry who came all the way from Dubai and his name is Sanjay Tolani. The reason I share his concept is that the concept he shares is much simpler and easier understand compared to the financial planning cycle I learned as a CFP student. Here you go, the “28,000 Book – Make Every Day Count”


Our Number is 28,000

Just like you, I also asked what is this 28,000 about?

Let’s begin:
28,000 = Number of Days a Man Lived (on Average)
28,000 ÷ 365 = 76.71 Years

For Illustration purpose:
76.71 Years ~ 80 Years

Hence, if we turn the 80 years into a pie chart, it should look something like this:

The numbers represent the years

Each quadrant represents something in our life & in general, it would look something like this:

Years Activities
0 to 20 – Play, Learn, Study
21 to 40 – 1st Job, 1st Marriage, 1st Car, 1st House, 1st Child
41 to 60 – 2nd Job,  2nd Car,  2nd House,  Children, Business
61 to 80 – Retired, Travel, Hobby


Now that we know the activities that we would normally face at each age quadrant. Let us further break down the quadrant by days into a half, like below:

and you will notice that out of 28,000 Days in our life, 14,000 Days are not income generating activities and it will look like something like this:

Now that we know that we only have 14,000 days left in our life span.

The question is how do you plan to spend it to make it a productive one?

Would you like to spend it on creating the experience with our loved one or spend it on the working table while our children grow up and while parent grows olds without you in the picture?

I leave this question for you to ponder.


As the more crucial one are here, we call them the 4 fears of life:

Fear #1

What if you can’t work when you are at the Most Productive Days in the Quadrant?

Fear #2

What if you can’t reach the age of 60? (Death)

Fear #3

Have you set up the right foundation for our children?

Fear #4

Do you have enough to retire?

According to EPF, for RM800.00/month. We need at least RM200,000 in saving (New Straits Times)


Have you addressed each of the 4 fears?

They are real & they are the major factors that cause our financial life goes haywire if they are not carefully managed.


If you have, we are happy for you.

If you have not, talk or write to us at askshaneho [at] gmail [dot] com

If you are not sure, talk to us or write to us too! =) We are here to provide you more options in life.