Why is Communication so Important to you?

Communication is a process of linking two strangers to form a relationship. I have personally experienced and gained a few valuable friendships in life, and these friendships have now matured into companionship.

When I first learn from Simon Sinek that having a good friend will make us a better person, I know I am in the right direction. What impressed me, even more, is when Simon said, friends are there to cheer us when we hit bottom and keep us humble when we reach the top – this is so true.

What do you want to Achieve?

Building a strong bond between the district leaders and members by practicing equal communication flow – and that leads to the next question, How?

How do you plan to Achieve Equal Communication Flow?

The Division K’s performance very much depends on how well each member contributes, and to ensure that members’ voices reach the leader’s ear & heart – the quality of the communication flow within Division K is of utmost importance.

In my context, communication flow means the communication between the Division Director, the Area Director and the Clubs’ Members. Thus, a three-way relationship is formed.

In this relationship, each party plays a vital role to ensure the three-way relationship is maintained – information and assistance are equally reachable between parties.

and that will be our 1st Area of Focus.

Plan of Action

  1. Any identified issue faced by members will be addressed by the respective Area Directors within 8 weeks. If the issue is still not solved or required more time, it will be made known to the Division Council by either party (Member or Area Director) for further action.
  2. To ensure the club’s 3 executive committees (Secretary, Vice President Education & President) know how to operate the Toastmasters International’s account (Including “Base Camp” – an online gateway to Pathways).
  3. To encourage clubs to utilize the free service offered by freetoasthost2.org which also known as toastmastersclubs.org  (Example: sandakan.toastmastersclubs.org).
  4. To continue with the Division’s Blog and Facebook as a medium for information sharingrecognition of members.
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