Why is Membership Growth so Important to you?

If a club is run by the same team of leaders over a few terms, these leaders will eventually get tired, demotivated and lastly, they will resign from the club. I had experienced my fair share of these group of leaders before and because I was assigned to a good mentor, I am still around today.

"The Toastmasters Club which has the right sort of program does not lose
its members." - Dr Ralph C. Smedley

A club’s sustainability very much depends on the membership growth of a club because when we bring in new members, we are bringing in a new variety, experiences, and resources into the club that we can draw upon to make the club interesting enough to retain senior members while attracting the new ones.

What do you want to Achieve?

I only have two goals for membership growth. If the 1st & 2nd Area of Focus is done right, I am expecting:

Clubs’ with Charter Strength (20 members and above)

These clubs will have a net growth of 4 to 8 additional members on top of the membership base.

Club’s under Charter Strength (19 members and below)

These clubs will have a net growth of at least 3 to 6 additional members on top of the membership base. (50-50 chance – the club’s leaders play a very important role)

How do you plan to achieve Net Membership Growth?

To be honest, I do not know the exact plan yet because each clubs’ circumstances are different. What works for club “A” might not work for club “B”. Nevertheless, I am not a leader who will “strip you naked”- literally and leave you with nothing on. So, here is my suggestion, read this manual – Membership Growth. I had personally read it and I would say that some of the suggested methods are actually already practiced by my home club and is showing results. So, I can safely say that it works. Give it a TRY!

OR you can:

  • Refer to your club’s senior on what works for your club
  • Visit another club and have a fellowship session with other club’s VPPR or VPM for reference

and that will be our 3rd Area of Focus.

Plan of Action

Talk to your Club’s Leader, Area Director or Me. Let us discover the opportunities together on what CAN we do to help bring your club up. Looking forward to talking to you soon.

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