Update on 3rd March 2017

Shane Ho has come to know of Junior Chamber International (JCI) in late 2005 and thereafter signed up as a member with JCI Sandakan in January 2006. The reason he joined JCI was purely for networking purpose as he was looking for some quality friends after graduated from his degree. He still remembered vividly the excitement he experienced when he was given the first task to organize a gathering at Mike Yap’s resident. Mike was the Local President for 2007. As a new member, he was guided through the process. However, he was terrified because he had only a limited knowledge in organizing an event and totally freaked out when he was told, before the event, to deliver an impromptu welcome speech to a group of 30 members and guests. Although scared, he did it anyway. Having this attitude of “just do it” had earned him “The Outstanding Member for Second Quarter” presented by Anne Chong, 2006 Local President. Luckily, he still has his pants on after all that and the rest, is history.

As he moved up the rank within the Local Organization Management (LOM), he involved in various positions and projects to better equip and prepare himself. He was gradually being elected as the Local president for 2010. He was well aware that it is not an easy task and he needed a breakthrough from all the ordinaries. With that in mind, he has created one of the milestones for JCI Sandakan prior to his presidency post – and that is the Financial Literacy Workshop for high school students in 2009, the first of its kind in town and that had earned him “The Most Outstanding Project Chairman” awarded by Brian Chui, 2009 Local President, during his installation as the president.

Below is a list of positions held by Shane Ho (in chronological order):

2006: Ordinary Member
2007: Commission Director
2008: Commission Director
2009: Editor
2010: Local President
2011: Immediate Past President
2012: General Legal Council
2013: Training Director (Area Sabah)
2014: LOM Past President
2015: Strategic Planning Committee Chairman
2016: Strategic Planning Committee Chairman
2017: Strategic Planning Committee Chairman

Season 1 – 1st official Financial Literacy Workshop for high school students in town

In 2010, when Shane Ho served as the Local President, he had taken up the courage and risk to host the 7th Area Sabah Convention in Sandakan. Despite the fact that he was anxious, he took up the challenge anyway. He believes that with the support from his members, especially from Michelle Yap (the organizing chairperson) and the guidance from JCI Senator Jenny Lu (his mentor), the convention will be a success – and it did. Towards the end of his term, the LOM was awarded the “LOM Management 100% Efficiency Award” by the National President, JCI Senator Dennis Tan during the 35th Annual National Convention in Miri, Sarawak.

Installation as President
Installing as the 2010 President – taking the oath as the incoming president
2010 JCI Sandakan Group Photo
2010 JCI Sandakan Group Photo – Presidential Theme: Make A Difference
JCI Sandakan hosted the 7th Area Sabah Convention in 2010 (Area Sabah President’s submit)

On top of serving as a leader for the organization, he discovered that he has a passion for training after he won the Area Sabah’s Public Speaking Competition in 2009. He believes that by sharing his knowledge with the younger members will benefit them and together they can eventually make the world a better place by ten folds. Hence, he has involved himself actively in various JCI official courses to enhance his skills and knowledge. Below are the training certified for Shane Ho before JCI Headquarters changed the trainer system in 2012:

2009: JCI Presenter, JCI Trainer
2010: JCI Social Responsibility, Omoiyari (unofficial)

Champion Public Speaking in ASC
Champion for Public Speaking Competition at the 6th Area Sabah Convention in 2009, hosted by JCI Tanjung Aru, in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Life is never dull and it always has an interesting way to present himself to us, likewise in JCI. In 2012, JCI Headquarters has restructured the JCI training path, causing all of Shane Ho’s previous records as a trainer became obsolete. Obviously, the restructuring has created a setback for him, nevertheless, it did not stop him from pursuing his passion. He went back to the classroom to get himself certified once again under the new format and obtained his license to train in 2015.

The challenges that he faced did not deter him from pursuing his passion as a trainer for he believes he has more to contribute while he is still an active member in JCI, especially to members of JCI Sandakan. At present, he is available to conduct training for JCI official courses and non-JCI official courses. Contact him for more details.

Below is the video to sum up the activities done during his 2010 presidential term. Enjoy.

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