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  1. Shane and I came a long way! We were VPM at the same time in our own respective clubs! Even though we live in two different cities, distance was never an issue. We would chatted over fb messenger to encourage each other in our VPM role.

    I got the chance to know him better when he was the Area Director during 2015-2016. Shane is famous for being the man with few words. However, during the DECM in Bali, I saw a young leader raising concerns in regards to the members’ welfare, I can’t help but to think that area K2 is really lucky to have such a compassionate leader who will do everything within his power so that members’ needs are heard.

    Shane told me he wants to run for Division Director this term. As a member of Division K, I would love to have a leader who put his members’ needs before anything else. Shane, you definitely have my vote! Looking forward to be led by you in the coming term!

  2. My decision to join Sandakan Toastmasters Club back in 2009 was a turning point for me. When I officially joined the club, there was no one else more suited to be my mentor- Shane Ho! I asked for him to be my mentor because at that time, well because he was my senior back in high school and he was the youngest member in the club! I was truly impressed and equally surprised that Shane was a member of the club too. Back then, very few people of my age group joined Toastmasters and to have a like-minded person and an experienced one to refer, be mentored and talk to – it was, and still is, an inspiration. Looking at the club now, I am proud that there are more and more young members- a unique balance between the senior and junior members- practicing the spirit of Toastmasters.

    At a personal note, I am thankful to have a mentor and a friend as Shane.
    Very rare do we find a person who when confronted with problems or complaints will counter it with listening ears, emphatic questions and then sound solutions. Always. In the end, the person (well basically me) who has the initial problems or complaints would now look at the matter in a different perspective.

    Shane’s consistency in this is a testimonial that he has in fact ingrained in himself the core values of what we mutually believe in- the person who walks his talk and serves with his wit and heart.

    To know that Shane is a DTM (Bravo, Shane!!!) and now, running for Division K Director, I texted him first thing when I got to know about it, “Shane, you have taken a great leap!”.

    Though Shane is seen as man of few words, people let me tell you- don’t let his kiddy face fools you- this man has vision beyond himself, a mission greater than himself, a heart bigger than himself. All these years, I see, was meant to prepare himself to better serve the community – by continually developing himself.

    In Mahatma Gandhi’s words, “Action expresses priorities”. Shane’s action is unquestionable the mirror to what he has set himself to be- to serve and to lead – the person he has always been.
    It is without a shadow of doubt, Division K will soar higher captained by Shane.

    Shane, I got your back!
    We got your back!


  3. I’ve known Shane when we both served as Area Director during the term 2015-2016. My first impression of Shane? He is a detail-oriented person, and most importantly clear minded person. To him, it is about the benefit of members, and he care for nothing else. I believe this has to do with him personally learning a lot from Toastmasters, and giving back has been in his blood since. I remembered Shane voicing out his concern during DECM and I was happy as a fellow AD, as often not many young leaders would speak of what they believe should be heard as truth. I fully endorsed Shane to run as Division Director, and definitely looking forward to him guiding us for the upcoming term.

  4. I am Kasmah Mokmin CC CL from Sandakan IPidato Club. I have been with Toastmasters since 2012 and I am 62.
    Frankly, I joined Toastmasters in the beginning only to improve my public speaking.

    Later when I joined the club I found out that I have met lots of awesome people. Toastmasters is a club where you make lots of sporting friends. I think I will stay despite my age.

    Now I would like to introduce a friend in Toastmasters, he is none other than Shane Ho from Sandakan Toastmasters Club. He was our AD K2 last term and I was the president of my club. Actually, I didn’t know him well before he was appointed as AD. During his term until today, he really helps me a lot.

    I remember very well when I was to organize my installation dinner last year, I was asking for advice on how many tables and who shall be the guest of honor and how do I arranged the sitting accordingly and things like making some money from the tickets sale for the club expenses like contests and TLI.

    The think I remember most was he did mention when he made club visit “You can ask me, call me, or WhatsApp me anytime, even when I am not AD anymore. I will be there for you” and one thing I like about him most is
    He is very humble,soft-spoken and always smiling even while he speaks!

  5. To me, Shane Ho is the person with much qualities and ingredients of being an excellent leader by nature. He is approachable, friendly and the ability to resolve decision wisely to any negative situation arises on a “Win-Win situation to both sides”
    I have tagged along with him on many occasions when he was the Club President and Area Director. Moreover, I have seen him in action as a Speaker and Contestant with great enthusiasm.
    His skill, charisma plus humour through the Art of effective Leadership has one way or the other has created many followers, members and admirers, follow by his Charming
    “Baby Face” smile.
    All in all, I can see that he is a very responsibility, committed and dedicated leader when any task is assigned to him. Needless to say, I will definately give my vote to Shane as the next Division K Director 2017/2018.
    Vote!!! Vote !!! Vote!!! for Shane.

  6. Hi Shane, Congratulations. Continue to serve your members in District 87. You made a right choice by taking up another stage of a Leadership role in Toastmasters. What we have learned from Toastmasters International, remember and always remember we must contribute back to Toastmasters maybe via mentoring and coaching our new members. We as Seniors must lead by example. And to all, I will fully support Shane as he is a servant leader and have a very good listening skill. Leadership is not by title but by an example and action. Vote for Shane.

  7. Shane Ho, I am proud to see you grow from a young toastmaster, practicing your speeches with your mentor to a true servant leader who put everyone’s needs before self.

    Serving the role as district secretary in 2013-2014, we share the same platform and he has the qualities of a committed leader. He is a leader of persistence and perseverance with fine details. Making sure that every member observes the 4 core values is the greatest assets a passionate leader need.

    Serving together, I can feel his calmness, his listening skills and his capability to make decision. I believe Shane will bring Division K to greater heights and I strongly support Shane to serve the post of Division K Director 2017/18.

  8. “Still waters run deep!” This idiom comes to my mind when wanting to describe, Shane. Calm and tranquil on the exterior, but with a deep and strong passion within. He has qualities which are vital for a leader. He listens more than he talks, he is humble, he shows commitment, he is not too quick to judge a person or a situation negatively, he does not make false promises, he is not biased, and most important of all, he is trustworthy. His quiet words, his enchanting smile and his baby face help to diffuse any potential adverse situation! :) I am confident he would make a very able Division K Director. Someone we all can be proud of. Good luck, Shane!

  9. My first Wow of Shane was when I was Division Governor and he was the OC of the Semi-Annual Division Convention. We faced some challenges and I was (very) close to calling the convention off but, Shane was very calm, and in the process helped me decide to push through the challenge. I gave Shane a TI “Outstanding Member” pin at the convention for truly being outstanding in handling “everything”. (I have not given out any other before or since.)
    Leaders learn so much on the journey and on the job. I believe very much that Shane, now wanting to fulfill his promise to our late and beloved Shawn, is doing it because Shane steps up. He stepped up as an OC, he stepped up before he was any official Leader, and now he is stepping UP in fulfilling his promise and having a genuine desire to bring our Division to greater heights.
    I can hear Shawn say to Shane, “I see a Leader in you.” and I would say, “Shawn, Shane is already a Leader!”
    Please vote for Shane as Division Director for 2017/18 to lead us to be closer and greater as the biggest Division in D.87!

  10. I really proud of you. I believe that you can perform very well in this position. In this few years, Shane had improve a lot in leadership, Public Speaking and Social Network. I can’t wait to see your another stage of improvement.

  11. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity to serve alongside Shane Ho as K7 Area Director 2015/2016. He was K2 Area Director. Throughout our tenure, I have observed him to be a driven and meticulous leader. But most important, he performed his role with passion, above and beyond his personal capacity. He is a true servant leader and I truly believe in his capabilities as the next Division K Director and perhaps beyond that. If I had a vote, I will vote for Shane Ho for the Division K Director 2017/2018.

  12. I have always joked that the only reason I was elected as Division K Director 15/16 was because more experienced members like Shane allowed me too. Except it wasn’t really a joke.

    During our time together, Shane supposedly reported to me. But beyond his duties as Area K2 Director, Shane became my accidental advisor by always providing a stable and calculated perspective. I have seen him guide his Area through various challenges, including an inexperienced Division Director.

    I have no doubt that Shane would make an ideal candidate for Division K Director with his head and more importantly, his heart.

    I fully endorse Shane Ho for Division K Director 2017/18. If I had a vote, there is nobody else I would vote for

  13. I was there when DTM Shane Ho begin his Toastmasters journey. He practices his ice breaker speech again, and again, and again.

    From the day I met Shane, I know he is a person of persistence and perseverance.

    Now that I learn he is keen to take up the Division Director post, I couldn’t be more happy for Division K.

    He is a servant leader that can lead Division K well, and I am sure of it.

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