Toastmaster Profile

Hi, I think the few reasons you clicked on this link is that you wanted to know more about my profile as a Toastmasters for some related events because you need to introduce me or you just simply wanted to know what am I doing with Toastmasters and what is Toastmasters all about.

Confuse no more, here it goes:

Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization focus on teaching his members on the subject of public speaking and leadership and I belong to District 87, Division O, Area O1, Sandakan Toastmasters Club.

and here is my profile as a Toastmaster:

Below are the official positions* I held (in chronology order):

2008/2009: Sandakan Toastmasters Club’s Member
2009/2010: Club Vice President of Public Relations
2010/2011: Club Vice President of Membership
2011/2012: Club Vice President of Education
2012/2013: Club President
2013/2014: District 87 Secretary (covering East Malaysia, Labuan, Brunei, and Indonesia)
2015/2016: Area Director (Area K2, covering 5 clubs within the East Coast of Sabah)
2017/2018: Division Director (Division K, covering Sabah, Labuan, and Brunei)
05 Dec’19: Pathways Guide (for Area K2)

Below are the non-official positions I held (in chronology order):

2009/2010: Organizing Chairperson for Sandakan Toastmasters Club’s 14th Installation Banquet
2010/2011: District 87, Division K, Public Relation Officer
2011/2012: Organizing Chairperson for District 87, Division K, Semi-Annual Convention
2012/2013: District 87, Division K, Webmaster
2013/2014: Immediate Past Club President
2014/2015: Committee for Club’s Constitution Review Project
2016/2017: Immediate Past Area Director, Area K2
2018/2019: Immediate Past Division Director (for Division K & Division O) cum Division O’s Advisor
2018/2019: Club Quality Chair, District 87 (Covering East Malaysia, Labuan & Brunei)

*NOTE: “Official Positions” are position acknowledge by Toastmasters International

Public Speaking Contest Experience (in Process of Gathering Prior Records)

1st Place at Club Level (International Speech)
1st Place at Area O1 (International Speech)
2nd Place at Division O (International Speech)

Below is a summary journey when I was serving as a Club President: