Little did I know, the choice that I’ve made as a youth then has en route me into the financial industry for the past 14 years and counting.
What choice?
The time when I have to pick between to continue with science or switch to commerce for my tertiary education. You see, I was a science student back then and it was a privilege for all form 5 science students to have more choices after they finished high school. And so, I excised that privilege and the rest as they put it, it is history.
Prior to this, what was I doing?
Like any normal university graduate, I went for a job and this is how I ended up:
  • 4 Years with a Malaysian Local General Insurance Company
  • 3 Years with a Japanese Based Leasing Company while crossing selling General Insurance
  • 6 Years with a Singapore Based Leasing Company while crossing selling General & Life Insurance
  • 10 Months with a Malaysian Government-Linked Credit Company
Looking back, it looked like more than half of my career has something to do with personal financial planning. Sometimes, I thought to myself, maybe I am born into it? Likely too… because of my dad who was a part-time insurance agent =) 
and Now…
I am looking forward to getting certified as a Licensed Financial Planner by the year 2020 & can’t wait practicing it as a noble career by helping people to elevate their personal financial matters and to get out of a tough personal financial situation.
This blog is meant for me to record my learnings, thoughts, and musings as I continue to progress on the topics of personal finance, self-improvement, and community development.