Shane Ho, CFP, EMBA, BEc (Hons)

For every family to progress, I believe in living an intentional life. I believe in being forward-looking. Families who live progressive lives are those who see a bigger picture in mind, are genuine in all their dealings, and seek ways to improve their livelihood. And I happen to support families to progress financially better as a Fee-Only Licensed Financial Planner.

Hi, I’m Shane and thank you for checking in.

If this is the first time we meet, you will know me as a Licensed Financial Planner. For others, and it depends when we meet, you may know me as a Husband, a Father, the Finance guy, a JCI member, a Toastmaster, or a Moderator.

It doesn’t matter how we come to know each other. I’m thankful that we are connected

Shane's Work Experience

I had the opportunity to have worked in the financial industry for a combined 20 years as both an employee and financial product agent, serving people from all walks of life in the area of insurance, credit lending, and investment.

My years in corporate have allowed me to expose to various business sectors ranging from food and agriculture to medical and manufacturing. The working culture and work ethics of those I have worked with have trained me to be objective in my approaches.

Currently, I am a Fee-Only Licensed Financial Planner attached to MyFP Services Sdn Bhd as an Associate Consultant.
And, I aspire, I can operate my financial planning firm in Sabah.

Is Shane Qualified and Licensed?

People said blowing my own trumpet is rude. Well, if I don’t do it, then who is going to do that for me?
The simplest way to explain I am who I am is to provide you with evidence.

CFP Certificate
Securities Commission Malaysia's License (eCMSRL)

Who is Shane After Work?

After work, I will listen to music, watch animations, attend courses, and build friendships. Other times I will be accompanying my family talking about the future and their hopes.

I participate in community projects that allow me to see progress and life transform. Occasionally, I participate in speech contests for excitement and to flex my right brain.

All in All, I do what I do because I believe in living a progressive life.