Frequently Asked Questions

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What do you do as a Licensed Financial Planner?

In brief, as Licensed Financial Planners, we provide financial solutions to financial issues faced by the client. It can come in advice(s) or recommending a financial product(s) available in the financial market (preferably non-commissioned).

How are you different from other Licensed Financial Planners?

In general, there are two (2) types of Licensed Financial Planners in Malaysia:

a) Fee-Only Licensed Financial Planner
A Fee-Only Financial Planner collects Fee-Only from a client and receives NO commissions on any financial products recommended to the client. I am this 🙂

b) Fee-Based Licensed Financial Planner
A Fee-Based Financial Planner collects Fees from the client and receives commissions from financial products sold to a client.

How do I know if you are a Licensed Financial Planner?

Approval is required from the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC) to practice as a medical doctor in Malaysia. MMC is an entity that governs practicing doctors in Malaysia.

Likewise, a Licensed Financial Planner is under the jurisdiction of Securities Commissions (SC) Malaysia. Every financial planner is required to register with SC to practice in Malaysia.

To verify if I am a registered financial planner, you may CHECK my status by going to the icon “Public Register of License Holders” and entering “Shane Ho” to search.

Which financial planning firm are you attached to within Malaysia?

I am attached to MyFP Services Sdn Bhd as a Licensed Financial Planner and Associate Consultant. You may google us.

How do you charge & what are they?

I believe in win-win value when it comes to compensation. My fees are quoted based on the workload (the case’s complexity) required by my firm to solve your financial concerns.

The fees that I collect are like how a doctor would for their medical consultation fee. I encourage you to reach out for an appointment with me. So I could understand your situation and explains how it works for your situation.

How do I know which service is suitable for my condition?

I suggest that you speak with me by filling up the contact form. So I can understand your condition and further assist you with identifying a suitable service.

Is it correct to say a Licensed Financial Planner only works with the rich?

Every licensed financial planner is open to working with anyone regardless of income or status level.

A financial planner picks who to work with could be due to geographical factors, a person’s value system, an individual’s attitude, or character. Therefore, the myth that licensed financial planner only works with the rich is FALSE. Myth Debunked!

If none of them answer your questions. Please fill in the contact form and I will reply to you on a best-effort basis.