Frequently Asked Questions

I understand you have some concerns and you want a quick answer to decide if the service offered by us is suitable for your current financial situation. Below are the FAQs for your reference:

In brief, as a Licensed Fee-Only Financial Planner, we provide financial solutions to financial issues faced by the client. It can come in advice(s) or recommending any financial product(s) available in the financial market (preferably non-commissioned). Please visit Services to understand how it works.

In general, there are 2 types of Licensed Financial Planners in Malaysia:


a) Fee-Based Licensed Financial Planner

A Fee-Based Financial Planner collects Fee from the client AND receives commissions from financial products sold to a client.


b) Fee-Only Financial Planners

A Fee-Only Financial Planner collects Fee-only from a client, receives NO commissions on any financial products recommended to the client.

To legally practice as a medical doctor in Malaysia, they need to get approval from the Malaysia Medical Council (MMC). MMC is an entity that governs practicing doctors in Malaysia.


Likewise, a Licensed Financial Planner is under the jurisdiction of Securities Commissions (SC) Malaysia. Every financial planner is required to register with SC to practice in Malaysia.


To verify Shane Ho’s status, please click CHECK and go to the icon Public Register of License Holders and search for Shane Ho under the representative’s tab.

We believe in fairness and worthiness when it comes to compensation. Our fees are quoted based on the workload required of us to solve your financial matters. Other than the Fee-Only Financial Advisory service, all other services offered by us depend on the situation you are in and its complexity.

Approach us as your financial doctor specialized in solving your financial matters. The fees that we collect are like how a doctor would for their medical consultation fee. We encourage you to schedule a Table Talk appointment with Shane to understand your situation before coming into the quotes.

Our stand as Fee-only Licensed Financial Planner is, we do not take any commission on any financial products.

We recommend that you speak with us via the Table Talk session. It will help us understand your condition better and assist you with identifying a suitable service for you. You can arrange an appointment with Shane at Service.

Every licensed financial planner is open to working with anyone regardless of their income level. There are no rules that stop us from working with anyone.

Nevertheless, each financial planner has a choice to pick who they want to work with within their business. It can be due to geographical factors, a person’s value system, an individual’s attitude, or character. Therefore, the myth of a licensed financial planner only works with the rich is FALSE. Myth Debunked!

We understand that you like to know how our clients’ reviews us and if we could live up to your expectation. In Malaysia, we have the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) to protect our data.


Likewise, as a Licensed Financial Planner, we have a code of ethics and standard of conduct to follow. We believe no one would like to have their identity exposed to 3rd parties without their consent, and we believe the same goes for you as well.