Financial Services

My firm and I will work with you using the following listed services. They are tailored based on your complexity, and the fees quoted are affordable based on the time required to get your work done. To ensure our action plan is not too home biased for you, we adopt a globally oriented approach recognized worldwide that includes the tools we used and business processes in all our services.

Financial Advisory Services

Fee-Only Advisory

Fee-Only Advisory service focuses on all your financial matters and decisions that confront you and your family’s finance. In the process, we will guide you toward a structured system based on information provided by you in the specific area of need, which is both cost-effective and can be self-implemented by you directly.

This service suits you if you want unbiased and independent financial advice and self-implement the action plan. This service comes with a choice to purchase general insurance products through us with zero upfront commission.

You have two options to subscribe to this service based on an hourly or annual basis, and the fee is from MYR200/hour or MYR1,000/year.

Modular Advisory

Modular service focuses on your specific needs. You will be getting a yearly advisory work and implementable action plan. This service is suitable for clear-cut needs and is swift to implement through us to ensure your needs are taken care of promptly. An example of modular service is will writing, investment, and life insurance policy review.

The service also comes with an option to purchase general insurance products through us with zero upfront commission.

You can start this service with a minimum setup fee and begin addressing your needs and fulfilling your goals. The setup fee is MYR1,000 and above depend on the work required from us.

Project-Based Advisory

Project-Based Advisory service focuses on building your specific needs. You will get ongoing advisory work and an action plan executed through our firm.

This service is suitable for the situation that requires continuous attention from our firm. We will have regular meetings to help your case move forward and resolve it within the timeframe. An example of such service is the setting up a trust, business foundations, and handling of divorce cases.

The fee structure is quotable upon understanding your case’s difficulty and the work required from us to resolve it.

Insurance Audit

Usually, we rely on our agent or the insurance staff to recommend the type of insurance to cover. However, how do we know if we are well-covered? Hence, this service is to audit your company’s general insurance policies. After the audit, we will provide you with a written report and recommended steps to help improve your coverage.

Together with our insurance technical partner, we will advise on any variance in your insured assets’ description, its classification, and a list of excluded clauses that may lead to severe loss. This service comes with an option for you to purchase general insurance products through us with zero upfront commission.

The fee structure for this service is quotable upon understanding your company’s business and the risk exposure.

Comprehensive Financial Planning Service

Blessed are we with an abundance of resources to harness from the earth. But, limited are we by the time and means we have to achieve our financial goals, needs, and the needs of our children within our life. As our life priorities are interconnected, it makes more sense for us to consolidate all these resources into a single comprehensive approach to meet our life priorities.

These priorities but are not limited to:
  • cash / debt management
  • insurance
  • investment
  • taxes
  • children education planning
  • retirement planning
  • estate planning

Since 2002, my firm has been helping people from all walks of life to achieve holistic financial planning that includes:
  1. Giving you and your spouse a platform to think about what you want to achieve in life, be it short-term, medium-term, or long-term goals.
  2. Taking inflation into the equation, we will calculate the cost of each of your financial goals while you rank them based on your priorities.
  3. We will also make an annual cash flow projection for you from now to your time of retirement.
  4. We will also help you improve your existing financial situation by implementing the following steps:
acreating an expense, savings, and investment budget
breview the performance and risk profile of your investment and the growth of your financial balance sheet
creview your insurance policies if they are over or under-insured
dseek available global solutions for you to achieve your goals
  1. On an annual basis, we will be conducting reviews on your finances to determine your status against your life goals and needs. We will amend the plan to ensure you can meet your life priorities within the timeline that may be due to:
athe arrival of new children
bchanges to your long term priorities
cchanges in your financial well-being
dchanges in your financial plan's assumptions

The fee for this service is quotable upon understanding your financial situation and the work required from us.