Many think financial planning is confusing because we do not know WHY we need it and HOW to connect the dots. Our mind is fog with the language we do not understand after talking to financial product agents. However, deep down inside, you know something is not right and aligned with your intention.

“Simplicity Creates Clarity. Clarity Creates Action!” Jonathan Quek, Owner Circle Founder

My role as a Licensed Financial Planner is to simplify it and make it sensible for you. Just like how the Owner Circle’s founder Jonathan Quek quotes, “Simplicity Creates Clarity and Clarity Creates Action!” Yes! I want to help you to Clear your doubts, take Action and Achieve your Desire Goals.


To help you connect the dots, we will go through a system with you, and the process is as easy as one, two, and three. I call this the BASE System. Together we will identify your fear, concern, and goals first. Secondly, we will decide how to address your fear, that concern, and how to achieve your goals. Lastly, we will follow the development between your plan and your goals. Below is a chart on how the BASE system works and the break down of activities we will involve together:

Table Talk

It is an informal chat between us to explore the values you treasure in life and other random financial matters we find pleasure in sharing. In this session, we will also identify your real needs and which service may effectively solve your financial situation.

Fee: Free of Charge   Duration: 30 Mins

We will decide which information and documents to include for analysis and the decision-making process.

Financial Advisory We provide a fiduciary and unbiased professional advisory to your financial inquiries and doubts. This service is suitable for busy people, youths, and young families in making financial decisions to achieve their personal and family life goals. Example topics like buying a car VS buy a house? Is this saving plan good for me? Life insurance Review.

Fee: Hourly Fee Service (Price: RM200/Hour) or Yearly Subscription Fee Service (Price: RM1,000/Year)

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Modular Planning / Transactional We provide a fiduciary and unbiased professional transactional proposal for your specific goals or needs. We will conduct an in-depth analysis and propose a suitable financial solution to fulfill the gap or needs. For example, insurance audit (company level), buy-sell agreement, insurance needs calculation, retirement needs, estate distribution.

Fee: Per Modular / Transaction Service (Price varies according to workload)

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Comprehensive Planning We provide fiduciary and unbiased professional financial planning covering all aspects of personal finance, for example, life goals, cash flow, insurance, risk, and estate distribution.

Fee: Creating a Comprehensive Financial Plan, Propose, and Implementing it (Price varies according to workload)

Duration: 1 Hour(s)

Decide which options are suitable to the current situation and enforce the decision and/or monitor its progress.