“Sharing Stories, Touching Life is One of the Most Beautiful Things We Can Do to Change the World” Shane Ho

Delivering a Speech in my Home Club

I found my passion for public speaking at age 12, and that passion did not take off until I joined a local Toastmasters club. Since then, I have been actively participating in speech contests to sharpen my skill and win trophies as a bonus. People know me for my humorous and inspirational speeches.


Conducting activity-based workshops, speaking, and moderating for both non-governmental and government events are things I do for joy while earning side gigs. My profile ranges from a group of 10 audiences to a hall filled with 1,000 audiences.

Moderate for "Transformasi National 2050"

Topics I find pleasure delivering are public speaking skills and personal finance for the youths and the young at heart. I am also open to sharing the stage and collaborating with other trainers and speakers to impact society with my topics. Fees are quotable based on topic, the level of technicality, and the time required of me.