Thought Process

“You will be the same person in five years as you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.” – Charles Jones.

I believe in having a progressive life. To do that, I practice having a continuous learning attitude about everything. So, the above quote resonates with me.

I was not an avid reader. Not until when the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad unlocked my interest in financial knowledge. It has triggered my curiosity to explore my talent and use it for a good cause.

I discovered there is stuff I wanted in life but, I do not have the condition to achieve it. For example, I am a timid person but, I want to speak up. I want to lead a team but, I do not have the courage. To break those cycles, I decided to join two non-governmental organizations and put myself out there for the sake of growing and breaking the norm.

I admit, the growing process was not easy, and it took me time to move. When serving members of these organizations, start from the local level up to the international level. Both my eyes and my mind learned how to see things from various angles.

With the trained eyes and mind, I began to see this from a higher perspective and learned how to localize the concept and apply it on the local level. The picture below is how my thought process works when it comes to learning. I will make an effort to understand what happens at the individual level before switching it to the world level. If we see things from the world perspective, we will think more objectively and, more options will surface when it comes to decision making.

To put it simply,
  1. We faced a challenge
  2. We identify the challenges
  3. We look at the challenges from an eagle view (world view)
  4. Identify the options/tools available from local to the international
  5. Select the suitable options, Implement them and follow through.
  6. That is how my thought process works.

See you in my next post.
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