Video Productions

In this section, I will be sharing various video productions of me discussing financial values, insight, and stories. I hope it will benefit you and your family to progress in terms of finances. Happy Watching!

Estate Planning, for You Only?

In this episode, my partners and I from MyFP Services Sdn Bhd shared our thoughts on Estate Planning.

Questions on “Estate Planning” what does it involve? How important is it? What needs to do? Is Will the appropriate tool? Could a Trust or even a Foundation be better to take care of your loved ones when they pass away? Let’s watch and find out.

Financial Whizz Kids

My partners and I from MyFP Services Sdn Bhd are sharing our thoughts on the importance of financial literacy for children in one of our regular live chats session.

Financial Whizz Kids is a project we worked on with the founder of Sammy Rabbit, Mr. Sam X Renick, to deliver a fun-packed lesson for children to bring home.